Anti-Greta, advocating ecorealism, is gaining popularity

Some time ago, Greta Tunberg had a rival – 19-year-old German Naomi Seibt. She calls herself an adversary of “ecoalarmism” and believes that it is necessary to adhere to “ecorealism.” According to Greta, the world needs to panic and immediately take steps to correct the situation with a changing climate – and it changes, according to Tunberg, through the fault of man.

Naomi Seibt takes a different point of view: the problem of climate change and sounding forecasts are significantly exaggerated. “I do not want you to panic. I want you to think, ”says the German in her YouTube video.

Previously, the girl has already performed in public by attending a UN climate conference, where she became the face of the influential American think tank The Heartland Institute, writes The Washington Post. The organization believes that the allegations about the relationship between global climate change and human activities are not completely true.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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