Ransomware blackmail sites threatening with poor traffic and AdSense blocking

Tricky scammers use an unusual way to extort money from website owners who make money on the Google advertising network. Resource administrators receive illiterate letters in which unknown threaten flood the site with “bad traffic”, fixing which Google would consider it an attempt to wind up AdSense ad impressions.

In this case, the impressions will be reset, and the money will be returned to advertisers. To avoid the abundance of “wrong traffic”, attackers offer to pay them $ 5 thousand with bitcoins.

If the potential victim refuses, the bad guys promise to regularly flood the site with bots, which will not allow the owner of the resource to get out of Google AdSense blocking with its advanced anti-fraud systems.

Google is aware of the existing threat and ransomware; the company has implemented algorithms that neutralize the actions of attackers. Also, Google experts recommend that you do not enter into correspondence with ransomware, do not be fooled by their threats.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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