The PlayStation 5 will either be very expensive, or Sony will sell it at a loss

The company Sony has made considerable efforts to achieve a reduction of the cost of the PlayStation game console 5. Its approximate cost of production is $ 450 and the PS4, according to estimates IHS Markit, costs $ 381. At the same time, the retail price for the current-generation set-top box was $ 399 with regular discounts.

If Sony wants to maintain a similar margin, the PlayStation 5 will cost at least $ 470. writes Bloomberg. According to experts, buyers will compare the availability of a new generation of consoles with the current console, so Sony will have to find a balance. The company, in turn, declined to comment on the information.

Probably, the headache of the company will be the search for a supplier of memory modules – operational and for built-in storage. And they are now in demand thanks to manufacturers of mobile devices.

It is worth noting that when selling consoles, vendors usually lay a minimum margin, earning on services and games.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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