14 dead per day. Coronavirus can infect 2/3 of the world’s population

World Health Organization adviser Ira Longini does not rule out the possibility of an epidemic in which two thirds of the world’s population are infected. Quarantine can slow the spread, but the virus had the opportunity to roam in China and beyond, before its painful effects were manifested, writes Bloomberg.

Longini described this scenario because yesterday the number of diagnosed infections in China jumped immediately to 15,000. The Longini negative scenario model is based on data that show that each infected person usually passes the disease to two or three other people. And the lack of quick tests and the mild course of infection in many patients make it difficult to track the infection.

Total as of Friday morning infected are considered64,437 people (yesterday there were a little more than 60,000), 1383 people died due to the virus. 6904 people were discharged from hospitals. In just a day, the death toll increased by only 14 people.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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