Where do wholegrains come from?

Wholegrain was always part of our diet. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, with the rise of new milling technologies, that refined grains appeared, meaning the grain only had its endosperm left. Refined grains became increasing popular, as they allowed to make white bread with a finer texture and longer shelf-life than previously, despite a lower nutritional profile than wholegrain bread.

Today, wholegrains are making their big come-back! Consumers are more health conscious, but refuse to sacrifice taste or indulgence, make more sustainable food choices & they seek to add healthy ingredients to their diets. So naturally, they are turning to wholegrains! One third of consumers actively looks for wholegrain in the ingredient list (****) of their food 64% of people believe wholegrain makes their bread tastier and healthier! (*****)

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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