1115 died, 45 185 are infected. Chronicles of Wuhan Coronavirus

By Wednesday morning, the number of victims of Wuhan coronaviruses increased by 97 people, to 1115. The number of infected people increased by 2076, to 45,185 people. The rate of infection slows down day by day. At the same time, the dynamics of recovery is growing. To date, 4842 people have already been discharged from hospitals, an increase of slightly less than 800 per day. The epidemic is reaching a plateau, and I would like to expect that soon the number of infected per day will be less than the number of recovered.

  • However, hospitals in Hubei remain crowded, and some experts fear that Chinese doctors simply cannot properly diagnose all cases of infection.
  • The disease caused by Wuhan coronavirus was officially named by WHO – COVID-19.
  • Coronavirus infections have been reported in 28 countries.
  • On a sealed liner Diamond Princess in Japan, 175 people were diagnosed with coronavirus.
  • In Russia, both patients infected with coronavirus recovered. The second was in the Regional Infection Hospital of Chita since January 26.
  • Mongolia suspends coal exports to China until March 2. There are no infected in the country, but the authorities decided to play it safe after two infected were identified in the border zone of China. Also in Mongolia, schools were closed before March 2.
  • South Korean airline Asiana Airlines invited its employees to take unpaid leave. 17 flights of the company with China will be reduced in February. For some, freezing will last until the end of March.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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