Xerox aggressively wants to buy HP and offers almost $ 35 billion for it

Xerox Holdings Corp. continues to test the appetites of HP, for which previously offered at $ 22 per share. HP’s board of directors was unsatisfied, and Xerox raised the price to $ 24 per share. Thus, HP was estimated at $ 34.88 billion. Earlier, there were doubts about whether Xerox could raise the necessary amount of free money.

how writes Forbes, in January, the company was able to find financing of $ 24 billion from several large banks. Xerox spokespersons said some major HP shareholders said they were interested in merging the two companies after the meeting. Amid information about Xerox’s intentions, HP stock added about 5%.

One of the investors who welcomes the merger is Karl Haykan. He now owns a 10.6% stake in Xerox and a 4.24% stake in HP.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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