An approximate launch date for the first SpaceX mission with people on board

Ars Technica editor Eric Berger revealed the date of the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon. This should happen on May 7, but the date is still tentative.

So, Berger noted that the launch could move to the end of April or later in May: there is no final approval of the date, NASA wants to optimize the schedule for sending astronauts to the ISS. Earlier, Elon Musk called the approximate launch window for Crew Dragon – between April and June.

Working date for SpaceX’s Demo-2 launch is May 7. Dragon is in good shape.

Launch date is fluid and mission may move into late April, or push later into May depending on a number of variables not hardware related. No final decision yet on duration.

– Eric Berger (@SciGuySpace) February 10, 2020

Last March, Crew Dragon flew to the International Space Station without a crew, and in January of this year, the ship passed the test of the rescue capsule.

The launch of Crew Dragon with astronauts on board will be the first ever human space flight on a private company ship.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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