Played like the Red Car

In the early days of January, all the attention of hockey fans was riveted to the youth world championship. Now the tournament was held in the Czech Republic. There, the Russian team performed brightly, but lost to the Canadians in the final (3: 4), although they led 3: 1 along the way.

Lets name the pros and cons of what we saw in the performance of the Russian team. Let’s start with the bad – this team was different in that it was too often missing deletion. Penalties in hockey are like pound weights on the feet of a good runner . You simply do not realize your potential when you play a lot in the minority. Our coaches constantly told the juniors that discipline must be respected. Reached the guys with difficulty. This ultimately crossed out the Canadians’ final when Russia led 3-1. But then deletions rained down, and everything collapsed.

You can say: “Here is a Canadian who threw the puck overboard, and he had to be removed.” But the puck hit the Canadian television camera over the ice and flew back into the field. In such cases, the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) orders the game to continue. Yes, it can be argued that the rule is illogical. But who benefits from this?

The Russian team held seven matches – lost in three: the Czech Republic (3: 4), the USA (1: 3), Canada (3: 4). On the other side of the scale are victories over Canada (6: 0) and Germany (6: 1) in the group, over Switzerland (3: 0) and Sweden (5: 4 OT) in the playoffs. The impression is twofold …

Now for the good. Before the tournament, Nikolai Khabibulin , responsible for the goalkeepers, and Igor Larionov , who was entrusted to the majority , were introduced to the coaching staff . And it so happened that Larionov began to go out into mixed zones often. The press got a gold speaker! Not only is Igor a bright head, the greatest player named Professor. He is also a commentator on Channel One. And then we saw how to explain hockey.

We do not know what kind of relations within the headquarters Bragin and Larionov have developed. But outwardly, this led to the fact that the Russian team began to play in a brighter attacking hockey . In style it was a real “Red Car”.

Secondly, we saw very great potential with this team. After all, what is the main thing? Not just to take gold, but to get the new Ovechkins and Malkins out of the mix. Of course, such ingenious players are born once every 100 years. But we are sure that players with a bright future are goalkeepers Yaroslav Askarov, Amir Miftakhov , defenders Alexander Romanov, Yegor Zamula , forwards Vasily Podkolzin, Grigory Denisenko and many others.

And most importantly – it was a team, and the matches of the Russian team was interesting to watch. What else was needed during the New Year holidays? Intrigue, passion, sparkling hockey. It was all like an exciting series.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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