It was stated that the main match of the Survivor Series show should be a duel involving three divas, owners of champion titles. Many fans hoped to see Ronda Rousey returning to the ring, but this did not happen. Instead, Shane Basler nearly strangled Bailey, and Becky Lynch, in turn, gave the heat to Basler.

According to the Wrestle Votes news source, not only the fans were disappointed with how the Survivor Series ended. Apparently, Vince McMan also did not like the main match of the event.

“They say that even Vince himself did not like the main match on yesterday’s show. He caused great disappointment. “

Yes, the champions of the women’s division, acting under the auspices of the red and blue brands, did not look the best way. Perhaps everything would have been different if a different ending had been conceived, but, as we see, the finale of the most grandiose November WWE show was not very encouraging.


Heard even Vince himself didn’t like the main event last night. Major disappointment.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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