Queens of “naked” dresses: Rita Ora and 19 more shameless

If a couple of years ago we were shocked by the isolated appearances of some star beauties in such dresses, now every second celebrity flaunts in transparent dresses. And for many, “naked” dresses have become a hallmark.

For example, today’s birthday girl Rita Ora (she celebrates her 29th birthday) is not shy about being exposed in public. At the Oscar-winning triumph party in 2015, she appeared in a black dress that completely exposes one side. Of course, the girl made a splash. And she did not stop there: her every outfit is more and more frank and erotic.

Girls try to outdo each other in frankness and shocking. And often replay. So, another owner of a magnificent fifth point and rival Kim Kardashian – singer Iggy Azalea  – literally showed more than she wanted. Her black dress with very deep cuts did not imply any unnecessary movements, but somehow it was necessary to walk in it. In one of the awkward moments, the whole shame, so to speak, ended up in the camera lenses.

Rihanna’s “naked” dress became one of the scandalous images in fashion history. The beauty could not have worn it in fact – Rihanna’s luxurious forms were practically not covered. And the proud Barbadian beauty was nothing. In a handmade dress decorated with Swarovski crystals (230 thousand pieces!), The singer simply shone. And, by the way, grabbed the “Icon of Style” award in 2014.

Passion for exhibitionism, apparently, is inherent in the whole Kardashian family. So one of the younger sisters Kendall Jenner made naked dresses her own chip – on her account there are already several dozen of them. Caught up with Kendall and her star friend Bella Hadid . Both girls have simply perfect figures and look luxurious in such outfits, but at the same time raise the question: oh, sorry, what about underwear? Here the singer Ciara acted very cunningly – she combined (or rather, the designers tried) a black body with a dress. And defiantly sexy, and all the excess is hidden from prying eyes.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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