The 20 most shocking outfits of Anastasia Kvitko

The 25-year-old beauty from Kaliningrad owes her huge popularity and the multi-million audience of the social network Instagram. Think for yourself: not a single contract with Kanye West Clothing or shooting for a lingerie brand could provide the girl with recognition around the world.

In August 2014, Anastasia opened an account on the popular network, and since then, as they say, the soul rushed to paradise. She is not at all shy and uploads so candid photographs that sometimes it’s time to close her eyes and leave her page. And sometimes I want to do this not only because of too frank outfits that literally flaunt Kvitko’s mouth-watering forms, but also in disastrous images that she demonstrates with surprising constancy to the world.

At the heart of her style is clothing not in size. According to the girl, most of her wardrobe are dresses in sizes XS and S, which fit her figure like a vise. Yes, Anastasia’s waist really fits the notorious model parameters of 60 centimeters, but with the rest of the body everything is not so perfect. However, Anastasia thinks differently, so outfits “a la in a sliver” is the best choice to show yourself in a photo on Instagram.

Another passion of the young beauty is the length of a mini or, rather, an ultramini. And she wears them always and everywhere: in everyday life, in social events. And he does it in such a way that even Kim Kardashian herself would envy her. The main life hack that Kvitko can spy is wearing a mini with heels, thereby visually increasing the line of legs.

In honor of Anastasia’s birthday, we collected her most shocking images that the girl highlighted on her Instagram. Watch and do not envy.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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