Not always a failure: Miley Cyrus and 15 of her best looks

Yes, I don’t always want to close my eyes so as not to see what the singer is wearing. There are on the account of Miley, albeit a little, of beautiful images that cause admiration.

For the most part, her outfits are something on the verge of vulgarity and vulgarity that not everyone dares to try on even for Halloween or a themed party. But sometimes Miley, celebrating her 27th birthday today, in a literal and good sense of the word does not look like herself at all.

As we remember, dramatic changes in style – both in the stage and in the real – took place in 2009. Former good girl Hannah Montana, the idol of American girls, turned into a real gap. And so much so that the parents of those same female fans forbade their beloved children to attend the singer’s concerts. Because they were creating complete debauchery, shocking even stellar colleagues who did not expect such changes from the once cute Miley.

Miley got into a shocking bad girl and played over the past years. She could appear on the red carpet almost naked, bound with leather ribbons, put on a transparent plastic dress, covering intimate places with flowers, put on an inflatable costume – Miley’s imagination is simply limitless. But sometimes she was tired of shocking the audience.

Surprisingly, the most successful outings more often happened, accompanied by the now ex-wife of Liam Hemsworth. Together, they looked just like a perfect Hollywood couple – he is dressed like a needle, and she is a tender beauty in an amazing dress. Unfortunately, the young ran away and quickly found replacements for each other, but still Miley’s style became much softer. She looks luxurious in elegant black dresses that are not devoid of revealing details, but do not look vulgar. Miley can even turn into a princess – take a look at a wonderful puffy dress with a long train, in which the singer appeared on the Grammy red carpet. And for the evening of the Chanel fashion house, the girl chose a restrained, but very elegant suit. In this situation, one wants to exclaim: well, maybe after all, when he wants to!

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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