The App That Stole Christmas Teams Ray J & Jackie Long for Romantic Holiday Comedy

Holiday movies have become a booming business over the past couple of years, with Hallmark and Netflix becoming the go to destination for all your Christmas movie needs. Now reality star Ray J is getting into the game with a new romantic comedy called The App That Stole Christmas, and apparently he’s bringing some heavy hitters along for this snow ride.

Ray J, who is currently hosting Oxygen’s new reality game show series Bad Girls All-Star Battle, is a man of many talents including rapper, singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, and entrepreneur. He will be joined by Games People Play star Jackie Long. And rounding out this yuletide trio will be musician JayQ The Legend. The App That Stole Christmas is targeting a 2020 holiday debut, though an exact release date hasn’t been announced at this time.

Described as both a comedy and a romance, The App That Stole Christmas follows a tech guru who has been too wrapped up in the ever-burgeoning technology landscape to really enjoy life outside the social media stratosphere. Like in any good Christmas movie, he’ll discover the importance of life and love during the holiday season. Here is the tagline for the movie.

“Put your apps away and be present…Be careful, or your Christmas goodness might get stolen.”

Sources close to the production have also provided a synopsis for The App That Stole Christmas, which hones in on the true nature of this unique winter wonderland outing.

The App That Stole Christmas is a brand new holiday movie featuring a cast of talented leading men: Ray Jay, Jackie Long, and JayQ The Legend…[it] is a love story that takes the lead character on a journey from incredible financial success in his technology driven world to finding the true meaning of life and Christmas – love, passion, and family…Don’t miss this soon-to-be holiday classic coming to you soon.”

Leah Daniels of LBDCasting, Monica Floyd of True Vision Media and Miriam Bavly of BreakOut Music all worked closely together to cast, write, direct, produce and score The App That Stole Christmas. This won’t be the first time that Ray J and Jackie Long have teamed up. They have been promoting something on the App side of life on their own, called This is an investment group specializing in a variety of marijuana and hemp based products.

News of The App That Stole Christmas first came from The Jasmine Brand. At this time, it isn’t known if The App That Stole Christmas will hit theaters nationwide, or if it will go to one of the many streaming services that will be functional by Christmas 2020, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or Disney+.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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