How to delete an email account on your iPad in 4 simple steps

To delete an email account in your iPad’s Mail app, open the “Passwords & Accounts” section of the Settings app

  • If you use an alternative email app on your iPad , like Gmail, you’ll have to delete your account from within that specific app.

The iPad’s Mail app is a universal inbox that can accommodate multiple email accounts from popular services like Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and Yahoo.

Eventually, you may need to remove one or more accounts from your Mail app, like if you change jobs and no longer need access to an Exchange account. You can’t do this from the Mail app itself. Instead, that control is found in Settings.

Note, however, this is only true if you’re using your iPad’s default Mail app as your main email app. If you’re using an email app specific to a certain email service like the official Gmail or Yahoo app, for instance you’ll have to go into that app’s settings to delete your email account.

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How to delete an email account on an iPad

1. Start the Settings app.

2. In the pane on the left, tap “Passwords & Accounts.”

email 1

3. You should see a list of all the email accounts on your iPad which use the Mail app. Tap the account you want to remove.

4. On the account’s details page, tap “Delete Account” and then confirm this is what you want to do by tapping “Delete.”

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