‘How much is the Apple Watch Series 5?’: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest smartwatch, including its various prices and new features

The Apple Watch Series 5 with an aluminum case will retail starting at $399. 

  • The Apple Watch Series 5 is available with a stainless steel case starting at $699, and with a titanium case for $799.
  • A special Herms-branded version of the watch also starts at $1249.
  • The new Apple Watch model will be available on September 20, 2019.
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The Apple Watch Series 5 , the 2019 version of Apple’s popular smartwatch, will be available at retail starting at $399. There are several different price points, though, depending upon what style and model of Apple Watch Series 5 you choose.

The base model sports an aluminum case. You can buy it with GPS only (no cellular plan) for $399, or GPS + Cellular for $499.

A stainless steel version of the watch is available for $699, while the titanium case costs $799 .

In addition, the watch is available in two sizes: a 40mm case and a 44mm case, which costs about $30 to $50 more, depending upon the model.

There are also specially branded versions of the Apple Watch Series 5 , such as Apple Watch Nike(starting at $399) and Apple Watch Herms (starting at $1249).

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Apple Watch Series 5 (From $429 at Best Buy)

What’s new in the Apple Watch Series 5

Without a doubt, the most important new feature in the Apple Watch 5 is its always-on Retina display. Previous models of the watch turned off the display entirely to conserve battery life, so you had to raise your wrist to activate the screen and read the time or other information.

Now, thanks to a high-efficiency processor, the Series 5 shows a dimmed version of the screen all the time, though it changes to full brightness when you raise your wrist. Apple claims that even with the always-on display, battery life remains consistent with previous models of the watch at about 18 hours between charges.

Apple Watch Series 5


Apple has added a built-in compass, which allows location-aware apps like Apple Maps to orient the display properly automatically. And cellular versions of the Series 5 will allow international emergency calling in over 150 countries, even if your paired iPhone is not nearby.

The new WatchOS 6 operating system includes a few useful health features, like the ability for women to better track their menstrual cycles, and get insight into fertility windows. A sound sensor warns about potentially unsafe audio levels (such as at concerts) and the watch is built to detect if you fall (which, on cellular models, can automatically place emergency calls).

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is currently available for pre-order, and will be available for sale starting on Friday, September 20, 2019, both online and in Apple stores.


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