Osmo Mobile 3: DJI’s new smartphone gimbal is foldable

Technology company DJI doesn’t seem to be afraid of the U.S. ban, as they rolled out their new smartphone gimbal, Osmo Mobile 3, on time.

The gimbal has evolved to be foldable so users ease of convenience. Gimbal products are usually lengthy and hard to fit into smaller bags.

Size and weight comparison between the Osmo Mobile 2 and 3. /Data from DJI

So DJI may have made a good decision with the foldable feature. But folding may also mean easier to break. So the Chinese drone giant has to pack the Osmo Mobile 3 with solid build quality to make it durable.

The gimbal also provides more tricks for YouTubers and vloggers to impress their audience, like improved AI tracking, a physical switch between front/rear cameras and a horizontal/vertical mode trigger. But most advanced features require users to install DJI’s own smartphone app, which is big in file size and may not work with live-streaming apps.

With all that said, can the new device perform well in reality? We at CGTN Digital will make a hands-on video of the Osmo Mobile as soon as we got the device. Let’s find out if the foldable gimbal is a good idea or not.

Email gong.zhe@cgtn.com if you have any question or test for this gimbal and we will try to help you.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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