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This edition of Pacific Rim looks at the career and legacy of The Great Sasuke.

Fumi Saito and I look at not just his championships and biggest victories, but also his business model and strategy that was very unique for its time and is still used by some pro wrestling companies today. Great Sasuke was also a politician who, once elected, didn’t take off his mask.

We talk about the famous Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman matches from the early 90s in WCW. Where do those matches rank on the list of Liger’s greatest matches and did they have any resonance with fans in Japan? We start out talking about WWE and the lack of long-term storylines and relative boredom surrounding Raw and SmackDown right now. I also compare the recent WWE Superstar Shake-up to Stardom’s draft and discuss why Stardom feels fresher and WWE feels stale.

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